Connect to OpenLab

Follow the steps below to connect the OpenLab:

  1. Submit an issue to target project that plan to connect OpenLab, let target project maintainers know what we want to do, and discuss some details, looks like: gophercloud Issue 592

  2. To define CI jobs running in zuul pipelines if the above issue is approved, there are two choices to do it:

    • new a file named .zuul.yaml under the root directory of target project, edit the file to define which CI jobs will run in zuul pipelines, then submit a pull request to target project, like: gophercloud PR 593

    • if adding the new file is not allowed, please edit the content in projects.yaml file under the directory ./zuul.d of openlab-zuul-jobs

  3. Target project maintainer should install TheOpenLab-CI github APP, so that OpenLab CI system and target project can communicate with each other, TheOpenLab-CI github APP only require basic permissions to update check status and commit test result log URL in PR comments, you can see permission details in APP installation web page.